Joy Ike

This morning, I feel a bubble of energy, excitement, enthusiasm growing just behind my ribcage as I think about all the amazing people who have and will come to share their art at the farm.

John Francis graced us with the gift of his music at our wedding.  Joy Ike and I have talked about having her come to the farm for a spring concert.  Shawn Smucker and his family have stopped by, and I hope to have them come again – this time for Shawn to read from his work.  Maybe the Justin Stratis will return and talk to us about why theology matters to all of us.  I’m eager for Brett Ryan Stewart to make the trip up from Nashville so we can hear the boom and breath and heart of his voice echo on the mountains.

I want Jennifer Pastiloff and Molly Bailey Royer to come and do yoga retreats here. I’m hoping Laraine Herring and Gayle Brandeis will come teach us how the body and the writing voice are connected and read from their work.

I really could go on and on . . . but here’s what I know – this farm is going to be a place where all voices are encouraged to sing, where every idea, every inspiration fed, every opinion valued and weighed equally.  Every life treasured.*

So join us will you?  Come visit and spend a few hours in the garden this spring – and take home fresh, chemical-free produce.  Come hang with the goats and the chickens.  Come for a concert or a reading in our outdoor amphitheater.  We’re eager to share this place, this dream, this hope with you.

And until you get here, be sure to sign up for our blog and newsletter list at the top-right corner of this page.  That way, you’ll be up to date on all our activities.

We can’t wait to see you.  

* If you’re interested in learning more about our dream for this place – for the way we will value life and time and food here – please check out my book, God’s Whisper Manifesto –  Thanks.