Just outside the living room window, a very fluffy junco has alighted on the porch swing.  He’s just one of the many songbirds we have living in this beautiful space with us.

Yesterday's morning sky.

Yesterday’s morning sky.

And they are just one of the many reasons why I cannot get over what I get to wake to every morning . . . even when we have to make some tough choices about life here on the farm.

This week, Philip and I had some hard conversations about finances and plans and what we need when on this place.  We talked about our dreams and our reality, and we made some new choices, better choices, we think.

First, we are going to have to put our barn plans on hold and reconsider the type of structure we build in that space.  Our kind bankers have given us an option for financing, but it’s not one we like . . . and it’s not one that takes into account the fact that we will need a larger home to live the other parts of our dreams here.  So, the barn will need to wait.

Instead, we’re prioritizing the timber frame lodge so that we can have a place where we can breath a little easier – the farmhouse is amazing, but it’s small – 757 square feet – and where you beautiful people can come to stay when you visit.  We are going to have an open living room, dining room, kitchen with a fireplace and really comfy furniture so that we can all relax there.  And there will be a puzzle table somewhere in that space.

I’m going to have a larger office – larger than 4’x4′ isn’t hard to manage – with built-in bookshelves and that big farm table-desk that I’ve always wanted.  Plus, we’ll have guest rooms with hand-made quilts and stacks of books and every window a view of the beauty here.

So that’s where we’re focusing now – making a call to a local timber frame builder this week so we can get a clearer picture of the work and costs entailed, and then starting the plan.

Meanwhile, our next building project will be a shop/garage for Philip.  The man is an amazing artist, but he needs room to work . . . So for now, the barn spot will be well-used as a shop site. . . I’m so excited to see him at work there.

We’re at work with an amazing person who is helping us put together a business plan, and we have some great ideas for events this year – how do a couple of outdoor concerts, some garden workshops, and a possible yoga retreat/camp-photoout sound?

It was a hard week for me – I don’t change plans easily . . . especially when they feel – at first – like dreams sliding away.  But now, with the snow painting the mountains and a day of friends and family ahead, I feel at peace – the right choices have been made.

Thank you for riding this journey with us.  We are so honored to have you here. . .

And stay tuned, we bought the goat fencing yesterday – those little ones are closer than ever.

What events would you like to see here at the farm?  And what do you need in your perfect guest room? 


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