Happy Saturday from God’s Whisper Farm.  It’s a cold morning here, so I’m bundled up in my TARDIS robe with two cats by my side and a cup of coffee at hand.  It’s a good morning.  ec64_doctor_who_bathrobes_detail

I don’t have a Writers Write interview for you today, so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to ask who you’d like me to interview.  Maybe you have a friend who writes, or maybe you’d like to suggest I contact a well-known writer to ask for the favor of their words.  Maybe you’d like me to interview you.  Whoever you’d like to read a few words from, I’d love to hear.

I love talking to all writers in all genres. The only stipulation I put on these interviews is that the person has to have recently published a book or have a book forthcoming soon.

So suggest away – who would you suggest I interview and why that person?  I’ll do my best to contact every single writer you mention.



If you’ve read The Slaves Have Names and haven’t yet left a review on Powell’s, AmazonGoodreads, or Barnes and Noble, I would be most grateful if you would do so.   Review are really important in getting the word out about a book and in helping a person decide if they’d like to read it, as I describe in this post. So if you have a few minutes, I’d be extremely grateful for a couple of honest sentences. Thanks so much.