From where I sit on our couch, I can see that the spring in the pasture has risen up like glass from the ground, and it makes me wonder if the creek at the edge of our property has flooded the culvert again.  Looks like muck boots will be in order today – I love it. images


Through his hard work, Philip finished most of the chicken coop – just the antique, reclaimed doors to hang and the netting on the top to finish.  Then, we’ll move our silkies in.  We’ve decided on six birds to begin – including one rooster to guard his girls. I can’t wait to get these puff balls to our house.

These birds will be the first of many new things at the farm in 2014.

Yesterday, P and I sat down and made a list of goals for the farm this year.  It’s a big list – ranging from more “likes” on our Facebook page to building our post and beam, bank barn.  Our next project – after the chickens arrive – will be to install our goat fence and put in some shelter for them.  Then, by spring, we hope to have our goats on site.  Yay!!


All of these goals make me grateful for quiet days under the rain-hammered metal roof.  When the animals arrive, we will have to tend them in the rain, yes, but then, we will retire to the couch with a movie and a cup of hot tea.  We will sit here and look over the blessing that is this place, and we will revel, in the way of farmers before us, quiet and solitary.

It’s a good life, this quiet one.  So, so good.

We have only three Meander Mania calendars left, and we’d love to send them to you at a great price – 50% offAll the proceeds help us with the goals for the farm, and we sell them all – we’ll be able to buy one goat.  So please, visit the farm store and order a copy if you will.  Thanks.