2013-12-15 09.08.12

The beautiful display Philip made for my books and that friends quickly emptied.

The farmhouse living room is about 8’x14′. . . . so when we put 13 people, furniture, plates of delicious homemade food, and a friendly puppy in here, it’s, um, cozy.  But lat night, it was perfect.

13 friends came to the farm to celebrate the release of my book The Slaves Have Names We had hoped to be outside by a bonfire, but the incessant rain, sleet, and snow yesterday made that impossible.  Instead, we cuddled up and laughed, told stories, and stuffed ourselves with deliciousness.

It was the perfect kind of night for this place. Some of our friends are historians, some are teachers, some are administrators, some farmers, some stay-at-home parents, some pastors.  Some of us live in the city and celebrate the bustle, and some of us tuck ourselves below mountains and enjoy the quiet.  All different, yet all beautiful in this place.

Last night, God’s Whisper Farm fairly glowed with community . . . and I’m still glowing with it this morning.

Friendship – even on a cold, winter day – is a warming thing.


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