It’s just before 5pm here on the farm, and it’s definitely what could be called “dusk” already.  The pup and I took a stroll outside a bit ago – an attempt to wind down her gloaming-fed energy – and the air is crisp. If we had a fireplace in the farmhouse, I’d be adding another log about now.  2013-11-12 17.00.30

Instead, Meander and I are on the couch. She’s got her head propped on the arm, looking out at our pasture and the cows in the neighbor’s field beyond.  She lays like this most of the time.

And I can’t blame her – to look down over the loveliness that is this place – be it to spot Pete the groundhog or just to feel the blessing of land and the spires of Sycamore – the view is perfect.

It’s too dark in the evenings here for us to do much work. So, we sit here and sketch lodge plans and discuss the specifics for barn dimensions.  This week, we will fax off a rough sketch to an Amish barn-building company to start that work.  That hypothetical fireplace would make a good place to burn old sketches.

But we revel in the efficiency of our propane heater and the way the ferns brought from the front porch catch the grace of shadows round the room in its light.

Fall evenings here on the farm.  The gift of quiet and cozy.


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