Last week, I sent the book off to my editor.  Which meant that this week, I’m trying to do the things that aren’t about the text itself . . . and distract myself from thinking about what else I could have added or changed in the book.   2013-11-06 09.04.52

I’m not a marketing expert, so things like title and cover design are hard for me, particularly the cover since I’m not a very visually-inclined person.  So P has been crafting a design for me, and he’s done amazing work. Yesterday, we sent out mock-ups out to a group of about 50 people who have said they’d like to help, and . . . well . . . my inbox was flooded with very helpful, very specific, very heart-felt advice.

And I started to cry. Again.

I want to say I was overwhelmed by people’s generosity – and I surely was – but my tears came because critique is always hard, particularly when I don’t know how to implement the critique very well.

People had good wisdom about creating a professional cover design. People had good wisdom about the title. People had good wisdom about everything.  Yet, that wisdom meant that my work needed improvement. . . and that’s hard to recognize and accept.

But today, I’m feeling much better. We’re still working on the title – to make it personal, real, true – and we’re giving the cover another go . . . This process is hard, but it’s good, too.

Today, feedback mulled and absorbed, I am so grateful to have people passionate about my work and, more importantly, about this book.  Thank you all.

So today, the book is better – far better – than it would have been if I had gone forward without input from good people.  It’s a learning process, this publishing thing – this self-publishing thing. It’s hard, but it’s gorgeous, too.

If you are considering self-publishing or have self-published, how have you gone about crafting your title and designing your cover? Have you tested out various titles? Hired a graphic designer?  What wisdom would you share with all of us?


Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on a webinar that Andy Traub put together about self-publishing. It was his suggestion to get a group of “insiders” that led me to pull this group of consultants together. I’m very grateful for his advice, and if you are considering the self-publishing route, I recommend you take a look at his program The Self-Publishing System .