Despite my intentions of always getting a porch dog – a pooch who is calm and will lay quietly next to me on the couch or the sofa – I didn’t quite get one.  Meander, well, Meander is fast and not exactly the porch potato type.

I know I take a lot of pictures of her reclining, but well, that’s because it’s about the only time I can capture her.

So just to prove to you how fast this little gal is, Philip shot some video on Saturday when we were over at Dad’s house.  Note – the car is going 20-25 mph, and Meander is pretty tired from a busy morning running around the farm.


In a few weeks, we will be issuing the inaugural Meander Calendar, and we’re looking for a witty name.  Stop by our Facebook page and add your name suggestion to the list of options. The person who crafts the winning name will win a free calendar and have the warm fuzzies for helping us create something that will further the work of the farm.  Thanks to all of you, our Whisperers.