I’m sitting at Dad’s dining room table, bacon and pancakes on the stove as Dad cooks us breakfast.  We’re fueling up for a farm safety workshop here in Fluvanna.  3025073211

I’m not sure what to expect – lessons on eye protection and work gloves, taking off your jewelry before working with heavy machinery.  Or something more rural – how to fell a tree properly, road safety for your tractor, how to manage a wild animal that died on your land.

Maybe we’ll even get a lesson on how to tame an angry rooster or contain a rutting goat.  These things are necessary . . . and dangerous.  We could definitely use lessons.

Whatever the content, this is going to be good stuff, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to show off my chain saw skills for the folks there.  And maybe just maybe, I won’t be the only woman.

Here’s to farms, being safe on them, and woman farmers.

We’ll let you know how it goes.