Tomorrow morning, in the bright and chilly pre-dawn, Philip and I will climb into Trapper and head to the Dulles Expo Center for the Log and Timberframe Show.  There, we’ll take a class on how to plan and build our dream lodge for the farm, and then, we’ll stroll the show to get information on builders and suggestions about design.  showlow-tf-hearth

Oh, and we’ll pick up some timberframe swag, too, I hope.  Philip is planning to carry a tote bag for just such a purpose.

Our dreams are lofty – both figuratively and quite literally since we want an office/library loft for me int he lodge – and we’re very excited to get to see this show.

Here’s what I hope we learn:

  • How to build as green-ly as possible on a budget.
  • How to act as our own contractor.
  • How to design a space that is both open but cozy and warm.
  • How to layout the house on the land to take in as much of the landscape as we can.
  • How to incorporate as much glass as possible without also heating the entire county.
  • How to choose stone for the massive (hopefully, two-sided) fireplace and build it so it doesn’t fall on anyone..
  • Who might be a good builder
  • and do they make timberframe dog houses.

I’m sure I”ll have lots to share next week, but until then, wish us luck. . . and stay tuned, I’m hoping to score some swag to share with all of you.

By the way, we have a Pinterest board just for the farm.  You can check it out here to see all our ideas for the timberframe and the farm in general. Thanks.