Of late, Meander has taken to charging up and down the stairs like her tail’s on fire.  She races down from her perch on the bed upstairs and nearly bangs the storm door in my office down.  I let her out – she patrols – and then back in and upstairs she goes.  I expect she’s seen that Pete has returned to the pasture hillside after all the wedding mayhem, and she’s eager to “greet” him.2013-03-23 10.17.58 2013-03-23 10.19.23

Dad, Philip, and I are almost as busy – but with less door pounding most days.  We’re working on finishing up the chicken coop so that we can bring some new lives here to the farm, and we’re well on our way to getting the goat fencing for spring.

To fund all this goodness, we’re working on a few things.  I’m crocheting my little fingers off so that we can add some great animals to the Etsy shop, and Philip has been carefully perusing the photos of Meander – so many good ones – to include on our inaugural Meander Calendar, which will be available for purchase soon. It’s a busy season round these parts.

But even with this activity, we see the farm slowing down.  We pulled up the green bean plants last week (thank goodness!), and I think the tomatoes have finally decided to quit trying.  The lettuce is still perky, but our expected frost will probably put an end to that, too on Friday.  Then, we’ll tuck the garden under a cover crop and move to quieter evenings.

And to the chainsaw.  Cooler temperatures mean that Philip and I pull out our matching chainsaws and chop up felled limbs and clear trails.  Our winter project – I think – will be to clear the meadow up the mountain.  We have a plan for a great picnic spot.

So come by in these cooler days. Have a bowl of soup, try your hand at – carefully – wielding a saw, take a hike through crunchy leaves.

Hope to see you soon.