2013-10-20 08.31.32

Mom’s recipe box sitting in the chair Dad made for me when I was little

Sunday mornings here on the farm are usually quiet – a perfect time for me to read, sew, or just ponder the week behind and the week ahead.

Right now, I’m thinking about food – as usual.

Later today, Philip and I will visit the grocery store and local markets to get this week’s food supply.  I”m trying to meal plan more – to save some money – but also to build some variety into our dinners.  At this point, we’re not eating as much meat, and we try to eat as seasonally as possible.  So here’s what our meal plan looks like so far:

  • Monday – burritos with black beans and homemade salsa
  • Tuesday – manicotti with lima beans and fresh bread
  • Wednesday – chili (made with local, grass-fed hamburger) and herb biscuits
  • Thursday – easy macaroni and cheese and mixed vegetables
  • Friday – ??
  • Weekends – Leftovers and whatever I feel like trying out.

So you see, I’m feeling uninspired for Friday, so I’m hoping you can help.   I’ll take all suggestions, and I’m eager to try something new.

(One small note – I don’t manage meat with bones well, (It takes me some real gumption to do a Thanksgiving turkey) so vegetarian or boneless meat options are preferred.  Thanks.)

What are your favorite fall meals?  Any recipes you would point me to? 

Maybe some day, you’ll come visit, and I’ll make you this meal.  I’ll be putting each recipe into my mom’s recipe box, so I’ll always have them handy.

Meanwhile, if you are in Virginia and get behind a white Subaru Impreza with a pooch in the back, give us a honk and a wave.  Today, we’re headed down to Amherst to visit our favorite shop – Tractor Supply. We have chicken fencing to buy.