Mary Lou’s bean soup is cooking on the stove. Fresh bread is in the bread machine.  A chill dances in the air, and Philip and I are having our Date Night – with the film Date Night (Thanks, Molly and Jeff).  Married life is good. index

This weekend, we begin implementing our plans.  Dad’s coming over to hang out, and we’re going to talk about how to finish the chicken coop and make plans for installing the goat fence. Philip is grilling out, and I’m sure Meander will be doing her maniacal laps around the farmyard.

But tonight, tonight’s a quiet night.  Soup, bread, a film, my love, a sleepy pooch with a rawhide doughnut.

The good life writ perfectly small.

Many thanks to the folks who have given a gift toward our goat fence. We are so excited to have the names of our community on the fence posts . If you’d like to join them, we’d be honored.