I’m sitting here on our front porch with the white swing that was Philip’s grandmother’s swaying gentle below me.  IMG_0298

The air is chilled, now that the sun has tucked itself over the mountain behind me.  I’m wearing my favorite fall outfit – jeans, a sweater, and Mom’s ancient, knock-off Birks.

Meander has sent an entire flock of doves sailing, but the squirrels in the farmyard have eluded her so far despite her leap almost from porch to ground and over eight stairs and a landing.

Our marigolds are glowing in the garden, and I’m trying to hold back the curse I want to hurl at the green beans I can see even from here.

It’s our first day of sunshine in many days, and almost without my knowing, I had grown to think I was a creature who loved the inside more than the out.

Thank goodness for porches that remind me otherwise.


Many thanks to the people who have donated toward our 13 goat fence posts already. If you’re interested in having your name or the name of someone you love on a post here at God’s Whisper Farm, please see this post.