I know this is what you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t it? Your name, wood-burned on a plaque that will keep adorable pygmy and myotonic goats contained.

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat

Well, now that dream can be a reality.  If you would like to contribute and help build our goat fencing here on the farm, now you can.  For every $10 donation we receive, Philip will wood-burn your name or the name of someone you love onto a plaque that will adorn one of the 140 posts we need for our goat fencing.

We are going to be fencing our lower pasture as well as the road way and the barn yard.  This way, the goats will be able to graze and also return to the barn at night for safety and warmth.  (At present, we’ll be building a temporary structure for them to stay in while we plan and build the barn.)

Our plan is to start with four goats – two of each breed – and then consider expanding from there.  At this moment, we are getting goats just for grazing – to keep the pasture and banks below the farmhouse clear of brush – and cuteness, but perhaps – if life allows in the future – we will also milk goats and give making goat cheese a try.


Philip wood-burned this guest book for our wedding. You can see your name will look lovely.

So, if you’d like to be a part of this dream, please consider making a small donation.  All funds will be reserved specifically for purchasing the goat fencing – fence, gates, and posts.  (We are going to use a 4″x 4″ welded grid fencing about 4′ high.)  Our hope is to have the fence built late this winter and have everything ready to get our first goats in the spring.

All donors will receive a plaque for the post as well as a photo of the post when it’s completed.  You are also invited to come visit your post and the goats, too, if you’d like at any time.

If you’d like to donate, please use the button below.  Thank you so much.

Posts Available – 126 of 140

If you’d like to buy more than one post, we’d LOVE that.  Simply send your payment to me through Paypal at andilitATgmail.com.  Thanks so much.

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