Philip and I had an amazing honeymoon – very restful, very fun.  But because we are who we are, we also began planning our next steps on the farm, even as we recovered from all the wedding-related projects.  2013-09-24 09.49.39

So here’s what’s coming up.

  • A Meander calendar – who wouldn’t want our adorable dog to adorn your walls and help you keep track of doctor’s appointments?
  • Mugs/Notebooks/T-Shirts – all sporting the God’s Whisper logo that Philip is designing. Drink your tea and think of us.
  • Workshops for the garden – prepping the garden for first planting, cold crops, organic pest abatement, etc. Let us help you.
  • A kickstarter for the barn – come 2014, we’ll be launching a big fundraising effort so that we can build a bank barn that will house the goats, the Great Pyrenees, and the concert hall.  We’ve got a great plan in the works for how to feature the names of our donors and thank you for your gifts, so you’ll want to get in on this one.

Stay tuned for more information about all these projects.  And meanwhile, if you’d like to give the farm plans a little boost – and help us take a workshop on building a timberframe or provide funding for a goat fence – stop by our Etsy shop. I’ll be adding lots of new animals leading up to the holidays.

And don’t forget – you’re always welcome here. If you stop by today, you’ll find two road-weary people, but we’ll still welcome you . . . just a little groggily. 🙂