I hear the surf crashing small and mighty just across the way, behind the partially drawn shades of this wallpapered room, this respite, this renewal, this beginning.   2013-10-02 09.42.11 2013-10-02 15.48.31 2013-10-02 10.58.49 2013-10-03 13.43.41

We are packing here on the last morning of our stay here at Oceanside Meadows Inn here in Corea, Maine.

We have eaten three course breakfasts and slept in a perfect queen-sized bed that has, somehow, the precise number and weight of blankets for us to be able to keep the windows open to the sea just 500 feet away.

We have kayaked and whale watched. We have cruised in a tall ship at Sunset. We have met artisans and bought gifts for us and many – bronze bells and glass plates. We went to the organic farm run by writer Cynthia Thayer and her husband, where they apprentice young farmers and sheer sheep.

Mostly, though, we have rested together, finding that settled placed that will grow deep with time. We have talked and dreamed and loved each other more.  We have enjoyed the sweetness of this time away.

Today, we begin the trip home and spend a night in the Hudson River Valley before coming down the road to our beloved Blue Ridge, both changed and more of ourselves, too, and together.

Many thanks to the people of DownEast Maine who had made our honeymoon both blessed and blissful.