So, it’s Sunday morning here on the farm, and the sun is turning the fog from yesterday’s rain the color of gold dust.  Everything here is the green of spring, and even the grass around the new firepit is coming in just on time.

Wedding Mums

Wedding Mums

Just in time for the wedding in six days, that is.

We’re going to be bustling around here this week, so I don’t know that I’ll get to update often.  But I will be posting lots of pictures on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to follow along.

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Or follow me over on Twitter. There you can see the photos, too.  Plus, maybe I’ll squeeze in enough time for a wedding tweet or two. 🙂

I cannot believe that in six days I get to marry the best man I’ve ever known.  It’s amazing how wonderful life is with him in it . . . and yes, I do realize I just paraphrased a line from Moulin Rouge.  Have patience, friends, it’s my wedding week!!

Hope to see you all around. . . and see some of you in huggable person very soon.

P.S. Meander has a new outfit for the wedding. I’ll be sure to get you all a pic. 🙂