Last night, Meander cornered a flying squirrel by the maple out front.  Philip swooped in (pun entirely intended) and saved the little gal.  Quickly, she scurried up the tree, and I’ve been hearing her cry, wail, squeak, chatter, talk all night and into the morning.  I have named her Cleopatra because she is rather regal.

So just in case you’re keeping track of the animals wcleopatrae have around the place, here’s a list:

Meander, the super pup.

Oscar (Wilde), Emily and Charlotte (Bronte), the wonder kittens.

Lyle, the black bear.

Cleopatra, the flying squirrel.

Pepe, the skunk (who we thankfully haven’t seen or smelled in a while.)

Stephen, Sophie, and Susie, the rabbits.

Bebe and Bobo, the toads.

Jim, the black snake.

Pete, the groundhog.

Many deer that I have yet to name.

I expect we will eventually see a possum, who I will name Louis, I think, because he will be plump and found like my grandfather and Louis Armstrong’s cheeks.

I’ll keep you posted on our newest friends.  Until then, it’s time for final beautifying around the farm.

14 days!