Days are getting busier and busier with wedding plans.  18 days between us and the together of them. 2013-09-07 12.14.16

Thank you notes ready. P’s handmade honeymoon bingo at the ready.

My face in manuscripts of romance and intrigue and the truly beautiful and bizarre of life.

Evenings, we weed eat the farm or install a green roof on the ceremony lean-to. I crochet burnt orange safety ribbons to protect us all from the slopes of these mountains.

As I type, our friend Larry is banging a cabinet into place in the kitchen, filling the void of the 1970s era dishwasher we removed months ago.  I will have more than one drawer now.

All that is to say that now is beautiful and busy and beyond belief.  And that this blog may get a bit quieter for the next few weeks.

The writing is being gathered up like yarn in my mind while the rest of me bustles to other things.

I hope you’ll hang on with us. Stop in at our farm blog to see the latest news. And know, always, that I so appreciate you, the people who choose to spend time in this space.

Here’s to life and words and the way they feed each other.