2013-09-07 12.25.23

The view from the top.


Meander surveys her kingdom.

It took some planning, some learning, and some grunting hard work, but here it is – our lean-to.

The stone is reclaimed from an old bank barn, much like the one we want to build.  The front posts are cedar, harvested from a local farm. The beans are American chestnut, some of the last remaining in the world, given to my dad by a good friend.

The roof has plants from the nursery where Philip’s dad works.  And everything was built by us – okay, mostly by Philip 2013-09-01 17.03.09and Dad.

This will be the place where we are married in just – squeal! – under three weeks.  It will also form a sleeping shelter for guests on quiet nights.  And we’ll have small concerts with this as our “stage.”

I love it. Just love it.