It’s 59 degrees at the farmhouse right now.  I want to don a chunky orange scarf and sit on the porch all day with a cup of tea at hand, crochet an afghan that slowly covers my legs in bends of color.

I love Fall. . . I even prefer the word Fall to the word Autumn because of its meaning . . . as if we’re giving into what has happened that day, that year. Settling down for more stillness and trying to let contentment waft to us through the embers of bonfires.

I adore dusk for the same reason, the need to hand over the day with all it’s joys and frustrations as the light slants into gloaming.

I am eager to have many dusks here on the farm – Philip and I on the porch swing as the bats circle down.  You with us by the bonfire as we see who loves the burnt marshmallow and who has the patience to linger back for that perfect toastiness.

I can’t give you an evening on the farm just now, but maybe this song – a great one from Over the Rhine’s new album – will suffice.  It’s perfect since it was filmed live at their farm. . . there’s a kindredness of place that trumps much.