2013-09-03 09.46.33This is what it looks like when your fiance is as excited about the details of your wedding as you are.  Today, while I edit, Philip is working through lists and seeing what we still need to pick up – wire to hang mason jars, black paint for hand-made signs, colored pencils for our “at table” activities.  He’s got a schedule for what needs to be done each day before the wedding, and he shows great interest in how we will make some of the steeper hills here safe for children while also staying with the color scheme for the wedding.  (For the record, we settled on burnt orange yarn that I will crochet into a thick chain and then we’ll hang with recycled electric fence posts.)

I could not be more excited about our wedding.  But more than that, I could not be more excited about spending my life with this man.

If you’d like more details about the wedding, check out our wedding page here.  And don’t forget to share your photos of yourselves with us.  We want to be able to see your smiling faces on our special day and in the amazing wedding book that Philip is making.