It seems impossible that one year ago yesterday I moved into this house, that my friends were trying to figure out how to position a huge trunk full of yarn in my bedroom, the biggest room in the farmhouse, that I mowed the yard with my shoulders by ears for fear of what Vulcan might “discover” in the “auto shop” portion of the yard.  2013-09-01 16.35.33

Yesterday, Philip, Dad, and I finished the lean-to that Philip and I will marry under in only 26 days.  The shelter will be our reminder of our vows and this day, and it will also be a dry place for people to camp out, a place to sit in the shade, and a nice spot for Meander to lay when she gets a little toasty.

Today, we’re finishing up a big burn in the pasture, and Philip is cutting the last of the brush from the bank. Mom’s shade garden is almost finished, and Dad is putting the final steps in for the front porch.

I – in a huge circumstance of farm irony – am waylaid with an injured back caused not by picking up stones for the fire pit or moving American Chestnut beams for the lean-to but instead by inching forward to look more closely at my computer screen.

Still, it’s a gorgeous day here. The breeze is pushing up from the pasture and caressing my face as I sit by the open window.  Meander has done her patrol and returned with her muddy paws to take a nap beside me on the sofa.

We hope you’ll come visit soon – sit on the porch or enjoy the lean-to’s green roof.  Have a meal and roast a marshmallow.  All of this is for all of us.  So do come enjoy the breeze here on the mountain.