Well, for many of us here in the States, this coming weekend marks the end of summer, the last long weekend before the straight-ahead stretch to Thankgiving.  So we come, too, to the end of the Super Summer Reading Program. 4259120807

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my part of the program, where I shared Top Ten Lists for a variety of books every week.  In fact, I may just keep that as the Friday feature here on the blog. (Recommend topics for me again, if you would).

But today, we’re doing our great link-up so that on Monday, I can award the two $25 gift cards for Powell’s Books to the lucky winners.  You’ll remember, I am giving a prize to the person with the most books read between June 14th and today AND a prize to the person who has read the most books in the most diverse categories (see link above).

I CANNOT WAIT to see what you have all been reading.  Please share your lists in the comments below, OR if you have a blog of your own, use the link-up to send us to your post.  Then, check back here on Monday to see who won.

But first, here’s my list of summer reading:
An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor

The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good by Peter Greer

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

Rough Likeness: Essays by Lia Purpura

Nightmarriage by Chad Thomas Johnston

Not as impressive a list as I had hoped, but still, I’m pleased that I read a variety of genres.  I also started Flight by Sherman Alexie, Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage by Allison Vesterfelt, and Wash by Margaret Wrinkle.  I hope to finish those in September.

Now, it’s your turn.  What did you read this summer?  Share your list in the comments  or link-up to your own blog using the form below.

Then, stop by on Monday morning to see if you won.  Yay to books!!