We made a big change in farm life this week.  It was a hard change for many reasons, but a good one for many more. Trapper

We traded in Philip’s pick-up for a more fuel-efficient Subara Impreza that I named Trapper after the seal in the children’s books.

That truck was wonderful – helpful around the farm and so nice to drive and ride in – but it was too much for us – too much payment, too much fuel – for the farm and for our vision of this place.  So we traded down in size and up in efficiency. We’re thrilled.

We still have use of our dad’s trucks, so we’re not without a way to haul mulch and lumber. Soon, we’ll be selling Honey the Hyundai, too, so we’ll be pairing down our expenses and our possessions, trying to be as “green as possible without being stupid.” 

Now, you’ll see us tooling around in Trapper, trying to use his 36 mpg wisely.  He’s got a nice hatch, and I keep thinking about how I can load in hay there.  Plus, we can put up a screen and keep Meander safe in the hatch . . . or alternately, keep the groceries safe from Meander.

Plus, we get to cruise up to Maine for the honeymoon in this guy. Our phones wirelessly linked to the Bluetooth and playing The Civil Wars and Slipknot on the highway.  It’s going to be so fun.

I hope you’ll come meet Trapper sometime.


Now, I need your help though.