Things are hoppin’ here at the farm.  Last night, Dad brought over a huge load of rocks reclaimed from an old barn wall.  Starting tomorrow, he and Philip will lay them in a dry stone wall to form our fire pit.   2013-08-16 12.05.53

I’m so excited to see this happen.  (Stay tuned here and on Instagram – follow me @andilit or search #godswhisperfarm).  In time, the fire pit will be just outside of the front doors of our bank barn that will not only house the goats and alpacas but will also serve as the indoor concert space here.

Plus, half of our house is painted, thanks to the work of our friend, Larry.  We hope to have the rest painted soon.

And now, I must go because I have mulch to spread – at my daily pace of adding one wheelbarrow load a day to my mulching, I’m at 11 loads today – and the front end of a pasture to mow.

Man, this life. . . . yeah, it’s just about as awesome as it gets.

P.S. If you’d like to do something small but meaningful to help support the work here, check out our Etsy shop, where you can purchase handmade, one-of-a-kind items.