My gifts from Blue Heron (with a local cider from Bold Rock in the background.) I love where I live.

A perfect valley. Nestled between two ridge lines.  As if a glacier had once lived there.  That’s where we are getting our flowers for the wedding.

Last night, Philip and I drove out to Blue Heron Farm to meet with Bev Lacy, the flower farmer.  She strolled over as perfect as can be – torn jeans, a broad-brimmed hat.  I looked at her and thought, “Yep, she gets it.”

After touring her barn – which we LOVED – and meeting her husband Keith as he began to peel 100 pounds of garlic, all grown there on the farm, we toured the flowers.  Zinnias, gomphrena, sunflowers. . . and oh the dahlias. A rainbow, a tapestry, a painting . . . no, a sunset of flowers.

Bev picked some and put the in my hands – celosia for me to caress, a dahlia speckled butter and jam, straw flowers to hang and see if they will work for boutonnierres.

I left in love – with the place, with the promise of the buckets of flowers we will arrange, with Bev and her spirit.

You know how you meet someone and think, “Oh man, I hope she’ll be my friend.” That was me last night.

This place is what we want at God’s Whisper – openness, beauty, gardens, barns, and friends.  Lots of friends.

So if you’re in Nelson and need flowers, Blue Heron.  No chemical pesticides or commercial fertilizers.  Beautiful, natural . . . like a sunset.