So much is going on today. I’m going to make our first batch of wedding salsa using a recipe I’m going to wing from suggestions.  Wish me luck.2013-08-02 13.02.27

I’m finishing a manuscript for a client.

I’m preparing the garden so that I can put cold crops in.

And I’m cleaning up the house because my college roommate and her family are visiting – Yay!

So busy, busy, but I wanted to check in with you guys for a few reason.

1. I posted a list of my favorite farm books over at my writing blog.  Take a look if you’re interested.

2. I wanted to hear your thoughts on me writing a farm memoir.  Would you be interested in hearing about the process of building this place – from buying, to cleaning, to building a barn and timber frame?  Let me know in the comments would you?

3. Most importantly, I wanted to show you this video of Meander swimming in the Rappahannock last week.  Isn’t she awesome?  (Note – she’s still recovering from the exertion of all that play . . . good thing we have a big couch.)