Philip and I are terrible at buying gifts and then waiting to give them. We just get too excited.  IMG_0241

Two weeks ago, I told him about the wedding sampler I was stitching as his wedding gift.  Today, he came in with a pair of Forgiveness Goblets for his gift to me.  A thoughtful, perfect gift.

I had seen these goblets on the day we got engaged in a little pottery story just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I loved them as potential toasting glasses for our wedding.

So yesterday, Philip took his lunch break to get them for us.  When he gave them to me today, he shared that they are “Forgiveness Goblets.”

Here’s the story that goes with them:

As each of our goblets is unique in its design, forgiveness goblets are very unique in their purpose.  In all marriages, arguments and disagreements occur. Tears, harsh words, and silence may result. When two are angry with each other, one should fill the goblet with a beverage of choice and offer a goblet to the other.  The drinks are shared together as the couple talks through their misunderstanding and forgives one another.  Who is right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is the compassion show as husband and wife.  So please, select your goblets and pass this beautiful story on to another.

I cannot imagine a more compassionate, loving gift.  I hope we use them rarely but well.

And we hope this place is a space where others can join us in the breaking of bread and the sharing of compassion as we all learn that “who is right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is the compassion.”