One year ago today, I signed the paperwork to make God’s Whisper Farm mine.  IMG_0539

I can’t believe it’s already and only been a year.

Today, as I smell the onions and tomatoes simmering on the stove. As I look out to see the edges of the streams that we’ve cleared to make gorgeous. As I look at my garden beds and stare down at the pasture that will soon house goats. As I see the chicken coop nearly done – I could cry.

I am crying.

Sometimes, the dream of this place feel hard to obtain . . . like it will never come.  But then, well, then I remember – the dream is here, now.  Already.

And hasn't she gotten big?

And hasn’t she gotten big?

In just over two months, I will wed the love of my life


here in this place, and we will dream the artist’s retreat, animal husbandry, and quiet spaces further into being.  We will walk this land and this dream together.

So Happy Anniversary from God’s Whisper.  I hope you can come see us soon, and until then, I hope you’ll take this gift – God’s Whisper Manifesto – FREE from me today.

Now, to go stir that tomato sauce.