At this exact moment, Dad and P are outside finishing the siding for the chicken coop.  2013-07-07 11.10.40

Meander has passed out.

And I am putting together our wedding registry.  On the recommendation of our friend Kathy, we are using a registry called HoneyFund, which will allow people to give us gifts that we can use on our honeymoon or to give other gifts through more traditional registries.  I’m so excited by this prospect for two reasons.

  1. We get to enjoy our time on the central coast of Maine with whale watching, deep sea fishing, and lots of time together in nature.
  2. We can put the money we save because of gifts and continue building our mountain paradise here at God’s Whisper.

So if you are interested, you can see our HoneyFund registry list here –  And if you’re lo2013-07-07 10.37.15oking for an innovative way to do a wedding registry, I definitely recommend this – easy to set up, straight-forward, and practical.

So any recommendations for activities, restaurants, and sights near Bar Harbor?

By the way, lest you imagine I left the P and Dad to do all the physical work today, please know that I dug potatoes, planted beans, weeded the garden, harvested veggies and raspberries, and made fresh bread today. 🙂