We had a great day today.  The uni-ball Vision Elite pen did a wonderful job at sliding along the paper.  We hung tight through the Amazon.com session today.  I’d like to thank Serta for my great night’s sleep last night and Pledge for keeping my desk so clean.  Thanks also to Trager Brothers Coffee for kickstarting my day and to Woodson Mills for the locally-ground cornmeal I used in my cornbread last night.

For the last two nights, I’ve watched NASCAR at Daytona with P.  It’s been really fun (which is something I never thought I’d say about NASCAR.)  I’ve enjoyed learning about drafting and hearing how they have to slow the cars at the track by limiting air intake because the speed was just too much.  I’ve even got my drivers (Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, and an up-and-comer Kyle Larson).  Mostly, though, I love being with P while he watches. He’s a car guy through and through, and so the races thrill him because of the skill and engineering involved. Oh, and for the crashes; he does love the crashes.  167330251

What I found most humorous in the watching experience (aside from the announcer who noted that they were racing in a “circular pattern”) was the astounding number of ways that sponsors are credited in the race.  Stickers everywhere that a camera might catch the car, logos stitched into the collars of shirts, water bottles etched with company banners.  It’s actually impressive how many times I heard the words “Coke Zero” in four hours last night.

And the drivers, every interview mentions their Budweiser Chevy and “thanks to . . . .”  My record count last night went to Tony Stewart with seven sponsor mentions in less than 30 seconds.

As P says, in a motor sport, they need a great deal of money, especially since they often totally obliterate a car in a race.  So I understand the need for sponsors, even as I don’t love it.  I’m not sure the drivers love it either with their obligation to do whatever kind and number of promotional things for their benefactors, but they realize that this is what it takes to race in the sport now.  I respect that.

As writers, we don’t often have patrons, people who will just pay us to do what we are best at.  But maybe we should.  Maybe we should be given a contract with Powells Books so that we only link to their merchandise on our blogs. We run a small ad, throw in links, and we get paid.  That is what the Amazon Affiliate program (of which I am a member) does in part, although there, bloggers are only paid if someone actually buys something. I think the NASCAR deal is better and more honest – we promote, and we get paid.  Simple.

This sort of sponsorship might free us to write more, give us more time to worry about the words and allow us to spend less time worrying about the bills.  Maybe.

Or maybe we’d be like Danica Patrick, who appeared in almost every commercial all night. I wonder how she has time to train and study.

Still, a sponsorship by Uniball might mean a lifetime supply of pens. I could get into that.

What do you think about the ways that writers adopt to make money – Amazon affiliates, ads on blogs, etc? 


Note, P’s man is Carl Edwards. I would be remiss to write about NASCAR and not say that on the off-chance that Edwards might read my blog and want to send P, say, a signed hat. 🙂