On this Independence Day, may you walk away from that which binds you and toward that which makes your heart sing.

May you watch the fire in the sky and see flowers.

Image from vooriders.com

Image from vooriders.com

May you live your dream future and remember the painful past, but dwell here today, now, when the wind dances with the trees like ballet.

May you leave behind the people who berate or belittle and embrace those who celebrate and speak truth softly to you while they hold your hand.

May you use your vision to seek what is beautiful, even in the swirls of your fingertips.

May you hear the song that vibrates through even the quietest life.

May you taste your first watermelon or your first kimchi or your first kiss lightly and with passion.

May you touch with soft fingers and grab joy with tight fists.

May you smell the gift of each house you enter and the grace of the Rose of Sharon on the mountain.

Today, may you remember that we are entertwined, entangled even as we all have our own choices and our loves.  May you live big and love long.

And may your words come like ribbon, shiny and endless.