This week, we have eaten zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers from our garden.  I’m gathering up a mess of green beans so I can cook those up tomorrow, and later this week, I’ll make a quiche with our broccoli.  I love it the satisfaction of growing our own food. IMG_0116

I also love that it saves us money. . . especially with a wedding to pay for and lots of farm improvements – like a barn to house goats and hold concerts – on the horizon.

Many of you have asked how you can help God’s Whisper as we move toward our dream for this place, and we would LOVE to have you join us in big and small ways on this journey.  Here are a few ways you can support our work here.

1. You can buy God’s Whisper Manifesto and review it honestly on Amazon.

2. You can send us cat food and dog food coupons. (Meander prefer Kibbles N Bits but will eat anything, including potted plants, so we’re not picky.)

3. You can start your holiday shopping early by visiting our Etsy shop.

4. You can visit, camp on the farm, and help us clear trails, weed the garden, and finish the chicken coop as we prep for the wedding.

5. You can take a class with me or hire me to edit your work, craft your resume, or construct a company newsletter.

6. You can recommend this blog to your friends, subscribe to it yourself if you haven’t already, and help share the vision about God’s Whisper Farm.

7. You can send us pithy emails, notes, Facebook updates, or good vibes and prayers when we come to mind.  We can use all the encouragement we can get.

Please know this – when we say that this is a place for community, we mean it.  Last weekend, we had friends and family gathered for a barbecue.  P grilled chicken, and everyone brought something to share – from lemon fluff to home-brewed beer to flowers grown in a neighbor’s garden.  We put chairs on the front lawn and sat beneath the giant maple to laugh and share and watch Meander growl at a snake skin. It was a lovely evening.

Every time you share what I write here, every time you buy something from our Etsy store, every time you hire me to edit your novel – you truly make more nights like that one possible.  We can’t wait to share one of those nights with you.

Thank you.  Thank you.