This morning, I put dinner in the crock pot so that P and I can have a delicious london broil a la pot roast for dinner when we get here for dinner. 2013-06-26 09.12.52

I compromised on the veggies – buying carrots, celery, and potato from the grocery but wishing I had some in my garden already.

I found this recipe and just substituted cream of potato for cream of mushroom because that’s what I had in the world’s tiniest pantry.  The red wine is organic and sulfite-free, and the london broil itself – well, it looks spectacular.

Soon, I will go out and gather in the laundry that is drying on the rack in the driveway, and I will shower and pick up before heading out for the afternoon.

Tonight, P and I will have dinner, rest in his “made-for-two” hammock, and enjoy a movie on our newly installed TV.

I’m not a person who has dreamed of being a homemaker, and I probably never will be – even as I admire the people I know who spend their days in care of children, cleaning, and the massive amount of work that goes into keeping a house.

But on days like today, when my time is bracketed by the domestic, it feels like blessing all round.

What is your favorite domestic task? Why do you enjoy it? 

By the way, P, my dad, P’s dad, P’s mom, and I have an Etsy store, where we sell handmade items – boxes made from reclaimed wood, walking sticks, hand-painted ceramic animals, crocheted hedgehogs, and cross-stitched pieces.  If you’re interested in supporting the work of the farm (which at this point includes getting the place in shape for the wedding), we’d love your support.