The cabbages have been laced by slugs. My peaches are not very pretty at all.  And the potato beetles, I’ve never squished so much grossness in my life. 552098332

All of these pests would be gone if I just used pesticides.

But I made a vow to myself and to the farm that I wouldn’t do that. I want this food to be healthy – both to mind and body – and I just don’t like the idea of feeding myself or anyone else manufactured chemicals.

So I squish potato beetles and try coffee grounds around the cabbage. I’m getting some special soil that slugs can’t crawl over, thanks to my friend Ashley’s recommendation.  The peaches are still growing, and we’ll just eat them with some flaws.  The food will come, less perfect than the grocery, but it will come.

And I’m grateful for the hands-on lesson this has taught me, the one that explains why organic food is more expensive. (Or at least partially explains it.) The lesson that shows why I want to buy food from a source I know, preferably by name and face.  The lesson that says good comes when we take the harder but better way sometimes.

Any tips on keeping slugs and potato beetles at bay?  Any thoughts on organic foods?  Any tips on how to attract more native lady bugs?