At this moment, I am wearing shorts with ear-flaps hat on them and my legs crossed full on my sofa.  It’s so relaxing here today with the humidity and golden sheen of summer dancing on the prism that hangs from the farmhouse porch. 2013-05-27 18.59.41

I’m a little bit at a loss for words, maybe because I’m genuinely so happy with all of my life right now, maybe because I’m making a living doing what I love by teaching writing and editing manuscripts, maybe because I have an idea for a new book project that feels full and burgeoning, maybe because the love of my life proposed to me on a hot air balloon two days ago.  (I suspect this last one is the reason for my buoyancy.)

If life has taught me one lesson it’s this – the things that are good come on their own. We do our work. We do our best. We make choices and sacrifices, and these good things come to us without our grasping or clutching.  They arrive like sunlight – all beyond our control and dripping with grace.

I spent a good portion of my adult life trying to squeeze where I was into what I wanted it to be.  I tried to live to expectations – of myself and society, and I tried to do more to make myself happy.  I have learned that happiness does not come in more.

Happiness comes uncontrolled when we say “yes” to the things that make our hearts feel whole and gives us the crinkles of crow’s feet and “no” to that which breaks us down and gives us those deep lines of scowl by our mouths.

Happiness comes as gift. A partner who makes me hot tea and dreams timber frame lodges. A farm found through one search and the open heart of a Daddy who adores.  Work with writers who practice and struggle and rejoice.  All gift. Every one.

So today, my prayer for you is that you open yourself wide to the things that make your heart dance and that you walk away from that which weighs you down.  May you always choose the light burden.