"It's the best day of my life," he said.

“It’s the 2013-05-27 19.38.07best day of my life,” he said.


So it looks like the first major event we’ll have here at God’s Whisper will be a wedding.

My wedding to the love of my life, Philip.

He proposed in a hot air balloon on Monday as we floated over a farm near Charlottesville.  It was the most beautiful and perfect moment of my life, even with the text message that was auto-corrected to say, “Will you Marty?”

We’re looking at a September wedding date here on the farm.  With family and friends invited to visit for the weekend.  We’ll have lots of meals together and enjoy a huge bonfire.

Then, I will marry the man of my dreams on my dream farm, where he will partner with me to make God’s Whisper a place where all of us can dream even more.

I’m sure I’ll share details as they come together, and photos, too. I imagine lots of yellow and orange and rust-colored flowers and big bowls of pasta salad.

Oh, and my dress. Something simple. Linen?

So stay tuned. The farm will be getting “spiffed up” in a major way for the event, so look for big changes coming soon.

2013-05-29 08.15.19

As you can see, all the excitement has gotten Meander all tuckered out.

May you feel as much joy as I do today.