If you’re like me, you may go unaware of others’ needs that exist outside of your daily routine. You would like to know. You would like to help. And then, you read an article about human trafficking, see a video about starving children, hear a friend talk about abuse and depression, watch a news clip on people dying from unclean water — and suddenly you become aware. Your heartstrings have been tugged. But still… It often seems so big or so far away. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and wondering, “What can I do?” Often that’s where it ends… We are left wondering…Spark Logo Sticker1c

That’s why Spark Collective exists. We exist to help you become aware of the very real needs of others and to provide a very real way that you can help make a difference. Each time you share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or another of your favorite social media networks or even face-to-face, you help others become aware of both the needs and the solutions. Each time you buy a shirt from Spark Collective, you help make the solutions possible. For every shirt purchased, Spark Collective donates 25% to a proven nonprofit making a difference in the world. Each time you do these things, YOU are helping to make the world a better place! You are a World Changer!

Spark Collective launched April 1, 2013 and is growing and building momentum. We started with a campaign partnering with the End It Movement and its coalition of 7 partners to raise awareness and capital in the fight to bring an end to slavery and human trafficking. We shared daily facts about the significant needs in this fight, as well as stories of hope in which our partners successfully rescued people and brought down perpetrators and their systems of abuse.

A few weeks ago, we launched a new campaign highlighting the malnutrition of people in poverty-stricken countries. Every shirt sold will feed a child for a month.  Due to the recent tragedies in Boston, Spark Collective is running a dual campaign including a design which supports the victims of the Boston bombing.

We will continue by rotating causes and proven nonprofits addressing various needs in order to broaden the scope of our collective impact. Spark Collective wants to have both a wide and deep impact in the lives of people from all walks of life bringing hope and life to the world.

Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission said, “Nothing happens just because we are aware of modern slavery, but nothing will EVER happen until we are.” This is true in the war against slavery and just as true in every other effort to combat issues like unclean water, poverty, malnutrition, diseases, sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, gender genocide, and every other injustice or tragedy. Each cause needs a voice. Spark Collective will be that voice.

But awareness alone is not enough. So, just as we have been moved into action by what we have come to know, so we also want to give an avenue for others to do the same. Spark Collective gives a simple yet effective way for anyone to be able to get involved and to enable great impact. By doing the very things you do regularly, buying and wearing clothes, you can help fund the work of these proven nonprofits and thereby YOU have helped to change the world for the better.

“Never underestimate the power of advocacy and fundraising. Without those two things, we wouldn’t be able to continue working in the developing world!” said Gary Haugen of IJM.

The reality is that each one of us can make a difference. When we combine our voices and our resources, we can make an even bigger difference. Our collective efforts our stronger than that of one alone! We are the Spark Collective! Be the Spark for change!

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