At this moment, I am sitting here in my underwear. I realize that this may be too much information for some of you, and well, sorry.  But I’m reveling (and revealing, apparently).  This is one of the great things about farm life. 2013-05-09 11.37.58

That, and I just cleaned out a massively clogged culvert that was flooding the neighbor’s pasture.  I feel mighty.

Every day, I learn something new that I can do here.  I can dig post holes for the garden fence without straining myself so much that I can’t type the next day.

I can drive a 1949 Farmall tractor without injuring me or throwing P off the back.

I can – by myself – load a backpack sprayer with Roundup, get it on my back, and lug it around the yard to kill poison ivy.

I can, single-handedly, clear a massive blockage in a culvert that I cannot see so that my creek drains across the streambed, not across the field.

I can, also, get wet up to my waist, fill my muckboots with water, and still work on with two inches of stream in each shoe.

Hence, you see the underwear-sitting.  My overalls are drying on the back porch with my socks and boots. 🙂

Farm living, for me, is a reminder that there are new things to learn and try every day.  That I can do almost anything I want to do. And when I do, I feel mighty. . . mighty and blessed. And yes, just a little bit brazen.

I think I’ll go put on yoga pants now. 🙂