I’ll have radishes by next week, I expect.  And lettuce soon after.  Oh, the freshness of a garden. I love that it 2013-05-03 12.30.10begins with salad.  2013-05-03 12.31.08 2013-05-03 12.29.41

Today, P and I will spend some time digging post holes for the fence so that the rabbits that call this place home and continue to keep up their survival skills by foraging in the woods, as usual.

Then, I will get just a few more things to grow – I still have about 3/4 of one bed to fill.  Any suggestions for something great? (Note – no one say “beets.”)

There’s a special kind of joy that comes from a garden well-tended. The joy of self-sufficiency – even though that idea is a misnomer since I rely on the farmer who gave me the seeds or seedlings, the earth, air, and sun to provide the nutrients, rain, and CO2.  The Creator who gives and takes away.  And yet, to be able to see something I have grown, to take it in my fingers, to take it to my lips – as I did on Friday with the barely plumping radish – it feels right and good in a way that I have lost.

In the same way I feel when I write.

What makes you feel right and good? And what else should I plant in the God’s Whisper Garden?