Behind me, a certain puppy is snuffling just a bit, as she has done since the day I met her and carried her up to bed, her nose snuffling against my neck.2013-05-03 07.42.27

The birds – a cardinal and a goldfinch shared my feed this morning – chorus with their almost shrieky frenzy.

It is just before dawn here at God’s Whisper, and it comes like gift every day.

I miss these mornings when I am away, even on the night’s when I stay at Dad’s for Relay. There I wake to the sounds of the woods tucked into silence, and it’s lovely.  But the sound there is bigger, wider – like the space there.

Here, the chirps and rustles are smaller, like the four rabbits I saw scatter around the yard (but thankfully not the garden) last night.  God’s Whisper mornings are softer somehow, more timid maybe, as if they are just coming to their own.

Or maybe it’s me that’s coming into my own.

In any case, I cherish these mornings.  The quietness, the light haloing the mountains.

I do hope you’ll come visit and hear the morning for yourself.


I am working to raise $5,000 for the American Cancer Society by June 8th. I’m the chair of our local Relay For Life, and I’m deeply passionate about the work of ACS because they not only fund research into the cure for cancer but they also provide support services for people with the disease now, knowing that we can’t forsake those who suffer in the moment by only focusing on the future. If you would like to contribute, I would be honored. You can make a gift at my personal webpage or send a check made out to American Cancer Society.  Just comment below, and I’ll email you my address.

Oh, and when I raise $1,800 (I’m just $169 short right now), I’ll get in the dunk tank at Relay.