Right now, my shoulders are up by my ears, and I can feel the tension of the day lodged at the back of my rib cage.  I need to get out on the farm and work. 902443_4506553074561_608290065_o

I’ve been swamped of late – with Relay For Life and teaching and editing.  All work I love, but I miss God’s Whisper.

I don’t multi-task well. (In fact, I’m not sure anyone does.)  I like to have one, maybe two, “big things” in my life so that I can focus on those things with most of my energy.  Right now, I have three big things – writing, Relay, and the farm. . . I’m feeling tugged hard in too many ways.

So I’m going to power through the morning and spend the afternoon on the farm. I have weeds to pull and grass seed to spread.  Maybe I’ll even charge up Lee, the tractor, when P arrives and pull some trees off a bank.

I just need to be outside, away from the computer more.

Anyone else feeling similar?

On Saturday, May 4th, we’re having our second God’s Whisper Workshop – this time on weed control in the garden.  Please join us if you can.  The cost is $15, and it includes a 1.5-2 hour lesson from my dad, the horticulturist, as well as a potluck dinner and bonfire. Just comment here if you’d like to attend.

Plus, later that evening, some of us will head up to the Nelson County Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society, if you’d like to join us.