Dad assures me that one potato plant equals one meal. . . so I can eat potatoes once a week for more than a year . . . or I can sell them at the farmer’s market over the mountain . . . or I can share them with people.  I imagine I’ll eat a lot of potatoes with a lot of people.  This makes me immensely happy.

The first onion.

The first onion.

Today, in addition to 75 potato plants (russet and red), Dad and I also planted two kinds of lettuce, radishes, carrots, kale, spinach, and onions.  Plus, we sprinkled a few peas around the stumps that grace the middle of the garden, our recycled trellis.

The soil is finally warming to spring, and I could feel it beneath my fingers as I brushed the faintest level of soil over the tiny, missile-shaped carrot seeds.

I can almost taste them.

And I hope that come summer, when my mudroom is brimming with the earthy scent of potatoes, you will come, let me boil you some. We’ll slather them with fresh, local butter and eat them with our fingers, to remember the warmth of spring soil.


P has drawn me some lovely designs for a logo, and we will be picking one soon.  My hope it to put this logo – as well as P’s sketch of the farmhouse – onto mugs, t-shirts, and journals.  To do this, we need some potential “investors,” who might purchase such a reasonably-priced item to support the work of God’s Whisper.  If you think you might make such a purchase, could you leave a comment below?

Also, if you could share this blog with your friends and family who might be interested, I would be so grateful.  Thank you.