At this very moment, I’m sitting in the Cuppa Joe Cafe, my favorite coffee shop.  It’s a quirky little place with windsocks all over the ceiling, and a Jelly Belly assortment that rivals the coffee options.

Cuppa Joe

Cuppa Joe

Just now, my friend Harvey stopped by to tell me about his plans to travel 6,000 miles this summer.  Harvey is in his mid-80s.

Across the way, three high school girls on Spring Break sit talking, their legs contorted in positions that my body only dreams of at my age.

Most days, I spend hours bent over and absorbed in this little screen. I lose track of time and forget to vacuum.  I leave the phone unanswered and the world unseen.  Sometimes, I don’t see another person for 36 hours.  I don’t mind that.

I get more done when I write alone – my words are my lyric, my thoughts more focused.  I produce a great deal more work.

But on a sunny day like today, when the sun is bouncing off the bright yellow walls and giving one of the teenage girls a car-roof halo, I am grateful for a place where I can read and write and be interrupted by friends stopping by. Production is not the most important thing.

Not everyone loves how writers have taken over coffee shops, and I’m with David Sax on this.  If we want to write in silence, then, we need to stay home.  Public spaces are meant to be social.  That’s why I love Cuppa Joe. . . I can work and chat.

Sometimes, it’s great to not be a solitary writer.

Where do you like to write? Do you ever write in a public place? Why or why not?