Last night, P, Meander, and I took a walk up the mountain.  We pulled up limbs and full trees that fell in the snow storm a couple of weeks ago and made plans to get the chainsaw fired up and clear more this weekend.  Okay, P and I did those things.  2013-03-13 16.26.39

Meander ran like air along the ridge line. It was such a gift to see – her joy, her speed, her absolute thrill at putting her body to its full use.

After we came back in, we sat on my couch and made a list of things we need for this place.  More seed for the garden, garden fencing, chicken coop, chickens for said coop, goat fencing, a barn, goats, great pyrenees to guard the goats, a mini donkey, mini pigs, alpacas, and a Gator – the kind on wheels, not the kind on teeth.

And I’m so excited . . . and terrified.  I have no idea how to pay for all of this stuff.

So I’m writing to ask your help today.  I could really use you, The Whisperers, as we move forward.

Here are a few ways you can help build God’s Whisper:

1. Buy God’s Whisper Manifesto, the book I wrote about what I want this community to be.  You can get a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Then, please review the book at one of those websites.  Sales online are tied to reviews, and I could use more sales both for the farm and also for my writing career as a whole.

2. Promote the workshops we have here at the farm, including the Weed Control one coming up in May.  These workshops not only bring in a little money for the farm, but they also encourage people to visit and be a part of this place. (If you’re on Facebook, you can simply share the event that you’ll find here –

3. Share my classes and editing services with folks you know who might be interested.

4. Stop by for the book launch chat for God’s Whisper Manifesto on Twitter at 8:30pm EDT tonight and share your thoughts about this place and your own dreams.  And tomorrow, check out my writing blog for a link up to a bunch of posts about my book and the dream we share for this place.

5. Share this blog with people you know who might be interested.  Post it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, email it to your friends, print out copies and pass them out on the street corners, preferably wearing a Statue of Liberty costume so that you can compete with the tax prep offices.  Anything you can do to help me have people read this blog would be AWESOME.

6. Fund a foundation to keep Meander in rawhides for the rest of her life so that, perhaps, my sofa will survive.

Thank you for all the ways you support me in this dream.  And please, do plan to come visit soon.  I’m eager to walk the mountain with you, too.