This morning, well, this morning I’m tired.

I was out late last night for our Relay For Life Guys in Gowns Pageant, where 7 amazing guys dressed in drag to raise money in the fight against cancer.  It was an inspiring – and exhausting – night.

My Boyfriend P, giving it all he's got.  Photo by Gina Elliot Proulx

My Boyfriend P, giving it all he’s got.
Photo by Gina Elliot Proulx

Today, I have several reports to proofread and a novella to edit.  I have Relay emails to send and groceries to buy.  I need to spend some time marketing my classes, and I have student work to read.  I have limbs to pick up on the farm, and Dad may be coming over later to start spreading lime on the pasture.  Plus, if I don’t really clean my house, the fur balls will choke me in the night.

Like you, I’m tired.  Busy and tired.


Last night, I watched 7 men don gowns and make-up and some of the most hideous shoes I’ve ever seen, despite their fatigue from work and their own hesitations from stage fright and wig malfunctions.  I saw men who don’t do drag normally take on the performance with fervor and excitement, and they gave their hearts on that stage.

As one contestant said, “Cancer doesn’t care about race or age or size. And I don’t think we will find a cure until we don’t care about those things either.”  Then, he waved his hands in the air and walked off stage in leopard-skin platform shoes.

I am tired today, but I am so inspired. To fight on for the things I believe in.  For writing, for the chance to live our dreams, for a cure.

What will you fight for even if the fatigue feels heavy and the goal far?