The snow storm last week took a little bit of a toll on the farm – a plum tree down, the redbud a third smaller, some limbs in the pasture.  It’s sad, and it’s also work – when we have so much to do already.  2013-03-12 12.09.38

But then, all the rain we had today has been followed by sunshine that glistens on all the water, and I am gleeful as I stroll the pasture and drag the redbud top to the burn pile.

It feels like hope here on the farm today, and I am eager to share it with you in whatever way I can.  Please, do come visit. We could use lots of hands to finish the garden beds and clean up the pasture. We have a flower garden to seed and mulch to spread.  I can’t give you dollars, but I can give you the ache of hard work in your arms and the joy of laughter as you see how fast Meander can sprint laps around the fields.  And bonfires, we always have the blessing of bonfires.

2013-03-12 12.15.40So please, plan a visit – just run the date by me. I can give you space to camp or some floor room.  Or drop by for the day – I’d love to see you.