As I write, I sit in one of the oldest hotels in Boston, the Park Plaza. According to the handy video on the closed circuit TV, this was the first hotel in the country to include bathrooms and phones in every room.  images

For the record, we have a phone in our bathroom.

Today, P and I will hit the town – once we can convince ourselves to abandon the feather duvet.  We will also keep an eye on our phones to see how our loved ones in that huge storm back in VA are weathering the massive snow, the one we fled to come here a day early.

I think I might be able to convince P to let me check out the Boston Public Library, and we’re going to try out the Freedom Trail, perhaps.  Plus, I hear there are 13 bookstores on Harvard Square.  Oh, poor P.

And this is before AWP starts in earnest.

So I hope you all enjoy your day, stay warm, stay dry . . . and those of you on your way to Boston, stay safe.

I am now going to drag P out from under the feathers to hit those bookstores.

If you were going to be in Boston for a few days, what would you most want to do or see?